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Free online play games thats what one of my Korean friends wanted. I asked him if he meant free games online to play? Yes free download games he said. So this is how we got started with our free game downloads.

Now creating free downloadable games is a main activity for nakencow, although before we already offered freeware downloads. Our free internet games service first game is a free online tetris game. Our second in our series of freeware games is a pacman clone. If we get a lot response on our free online games we might consider a third one.

The reason why we are producing these arcade free games is because we love free computer games and because we hope to give you the real arcade feeling with our free online arcade games. Video games are also good to develop your brain, especially when you play tetris online. Some say these free arcade games are kids games. Others complain that tetris isnt a real arcade game. Dont let these misfits ruin your online tetris fun!

People like our free games online to play and have fun. Flash games are fun little things. However we stay far away from these because we like to offer real free pc games.

For us its very important that our free games online are truly free downloads. That is why we place banners to cover the hosting cost. Else we had to create shareware games, but this would be less appreciated by people that play online games.

Look below the next paragraph for our free tetris download. We hope you can download free games for ever!

Tetras 3500:

This tetris clone is made in c++ with opengl. It doesn't have a multiplayer feature. In the singleplayer version the game gets increasingly difficult every 10 lines the player makes. Extra points are scored for removing more than one line of the playfield. Press S to start/reset the game, arrow keys to rotate and P to pause and unpause One good advise: Remember to take a break every few hours.

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This Tetris clone is free to use for non-commercial purposes without my prior permission. Direct linking or hosting my files is not allowed!  Copyright belongs to Alexey Pajitnov