Rss specifications

Rss feeds filetype:rss is the standard in spreading rss latest news. Rss specifications are problematic, there are too many! This only troubles programmers though.

News & Media

News & media sites offer rss feeds like bcc news. Other sites like fox news and cnn headline news dont. Internet radio uses it to keep listeners informed. Do it yourself network use it to spread daily tips and news thru rss feeds. Rss feeds filetype:rss is used by bloggers, for topics like bowling for soup. Other report their viewing sessions of lewis and clark. This is not one of our free game downloads aka free internet games. Our first gui had replacement windows. But users didnt like it. This Rss feeds filetype:rss reader isnt a plug in for internet explorer. Its a standalone download, that fits in our computer & internet series, more precisely free internet downloads.

SlimRss idea:

SlimRss is a program(a news aggregator) to read RSS news feeds. SlimRss collects news in the background at user configurable intervals and warns for news with a little popup window or by just coloring it's icon in the system tray. You can click the news headline to see a short description of the news and then click read more which will open your default browser to open the original news web page. You can also configure SlimRss to open directly the default browser without the short description window in between.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format for syndicating news. Many news and web log sites support RSS by adding these pictograms as or to their web pages. SlimRss support RSS versions 0.9x, 1.0 and 2.0. and runs on win xp/2000

The current version of SlimRss:
  • Very intuitive way of handling new news and old news: This is the big difference with most readers, SlimRss doesn't store all the news. News is only important when it's new..and when you haven't seen it. Once you seen it SlimRss will get rid of it. Saving hard disk space and you trouble from deleting the news. As long as the news is still on the feed tho you can reretrieve it with the option get previous news.
  • Doesn't need the .net framework!
  • Handles all RSS versions (versions 0.9x, 1.0 and 2.0.)
  • Group subscribed feeds into custom categories.
  • Support for proxy-servers
  • Always resides in the system-tray.
  • Transparent mode as option.
  • Option to start up with windows
SlimRss download


The headlines popup:

The headlines popup in detail:

The settings screen:

Rss links:

Feedster, search engine for feeds | FeedList

SlimRss is free to use for non-commercial purposes without my prior permission. Direct linking or hosting my files is not allowed!  Copyright belongs to me.