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Pac-man idea:

We offer free online games, because we like to play free games. We are especially very fond of free arcade games. Some years ago we had wild adventures with real arcade games. We still love to play games, thats why we had the idea of this pacman online. We thought of making it shareware, but then we wised up and figured people love free game downloads. People just crave for cheap software, and thats why our goal is creating freeware game downloads. This free pacman is one of our freeware games. We also offer other free downloads, some are also video games. We could make flash games but then it wouldnt be real freeware downloads.

Pacman 4000:

Pacman 4000 features 5 levels. The map stays the same in each level of this real arcade classic. The only thing that changes in this free pacman is the ghosts artificial intelligence. In the first lvl the ghosts only drift around while in the 5th lvl they will chase you around and try to corner you from all sides!.

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