Nakencow is a feature rich chat client for the nakenserver.

Nakencow idea:

The nakenserver is mostly used by small communities like clans from multiplayer games or clubs. I belong to such a clan that uses it. But when i became member of the clan i didn't find any chat client that could do all which i wanted. So I decided to make my own. The name was chosen because the server is called nakenserver. And the people in my clan just love cows. so i thought it would be funny to make a client which as much cow in it as possible :)

This program shouldn't be used with the irc protocol! The client is very good to use your workplace. The installer isn't stopped even if you don't have install rights! And if your clan runs a port that isn't blocked by your employer. Port 23,80 are good guesses. Then you will be able to stay in contact with all your favourite people even while at work. When you minimize the chatclient it changes into a discreet icon in the system tray. When people speak in the chat it will turn green and when you get a private message it will turn red. No flashing, just a solid colour, to keep it as discreet as possible.

Features of Nakencow:
  • Option to log your chat.
  • Option to make the chat transparent.
  • Minimize to system tray, green cow for general chat, red cow for private chat.
  • Auto reconnect when your connection to the server is broken.
  • Easy to use ban list so you can get rid of the annoying people,forever.
  • Option to have your private messages, when you minimized the chat, read out loud by a computer voice! very handy for when you are busy with gaming.
  • Statistics about send and received traffic.
  • Anti Spam protection, lets you copy paste big chunks of text to the chatroom without getting you banned!
  • Scroll thru previously typed text. By using shift + arrow keys. Handy for when you want to correct a spelling mistake.
  • An always on top mode. Similar to icq.
  • Option to have private message conversation happen in an extra window.
  • Many more things...

The latest version of the client can be used on all the servers 2.0 +

Version 2.0.7

This version is used on older servers, not quiet as powerful as the newer version but still a nice functioning program.

Version 2.0.0


Nakencow is free to use for non-commercial purposes without my prior permission. Direct linking or hosting my files is not allowed!  Copyright belongs to me