Cowspy is a handy tool for programmers and other people that want to get a deeper understanding of other programs. Works on NT based systems(like winxp and win 2000).

CowSpy idea:

Many programmers have been in a situation where they see another program window and they think how is that GUI build up. Or perhaps th programmer is trying to write a program that interfaces with a specific program. For instance but an extra button in another program. Then this programmer would like to find out the windows classname of the other programwindow or even a component of that window, so he can easily interface with it.

Even for the average John Doe this program has a use. Who hasn't had a program act up on him/her. But when yo have CowSpy you can in some cases correct the error. For instance you are working in word and for some reason word disables the save buton! Oh all your work will be gone. But not when you have cowspy, you can use it to enable and disable components like buttons on any window on your pc. You can even make invisble windows appear. Even if you don't need it it might be a fun waste of time for a couple of minutes.

Features in this version of CowSpy:
  • See the windowclass name of all windows running at the moment on your pc.
  • See the handle of all these windows.
  • See the Parent child structure between windows their childwindows and components like buttons and labels.
  • Option to see all the windows even the invisible ones.
  • Bring any window to the front.
  • Reposition a window: Somehow managed to get a window totally ofscreen, it still holds important data? No problem you can use the reposition feature of this system tool.
  • Make windows visible and invisible or just one component off a window.
  • Enable and disbale buttons or even whole windows or other components (including but not limited by textboxes, modal windows, scrollbars, listboxen, comboboxen, etc..).

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CowSpy is free to use for non-commercial purposes without my prior permission.Direct linking or hosting my files is not allowed!  Copyright belongs to me